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Who We Are

The Bonner County Sportsmen's Association was founded in 1934, the motto they adopted was "Protector of the Woods and Wildlife." That is still our objective today.


We invite you to join us in working to improve and enhance Fish and Wildlife habitat, protecting and enhancing fishing and hunting in the Idaho Panhandle, and in sustaining the quality of life that brought us to live in Bonner County and accomplishing worthwhile projects.


We believe in multiple use management of our County, State, and Federal lands.



Our accomplishments include cooperation with the Idaho Wildlife Federation and others to establish a Fish and Game Commission and re-introduction of elk into the Panhandle in the 1930's. Working with the Sandpoint Chamber of Commerce in establishing the K&K Derby in the 1940's. In the 1950's we were central in the effort to stop the Navy from testing any weapons or explosives in Lake Pend Oreille. We worked with the City of Sandpoint to open the outdoor rifle range on Baldy Road in the 1960's


Affiliations & Ideas

New members bring new ideas to the Club and we are always looking for new projects and programs. We enjoy a number of affiliated clubs for enthusiasts of many different sports, such as, Sandpoint Archers, Sandpoint Pistol Club, Sandpoint Rifle Club and Panhandle Free Trappers Black Powder Club.



Recent activities are many and varied. We have a strong commitment to Hunter Education. We believe safe and ethical hunters are essential for hunting to continue in the future years. We offer both Rifle and Archery education classes with signup through Idaho State Fish and Game. We welcome anyone who would like to join our cadre of instructors.


We are participants in the Adopt a Wetlands program by maintaining the goose nesting boxes at the Pack River Flats and shoreline clean up.


We have joined with the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation as habitat partners bringing the WOW magazine to Bonner and Boundary County schools, and the USFS on habitat improvements.


We have also worked with the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, Bureau of Land Management, Idaho Wildlife Federation, and The Idaho Wildlife Council on many conservation efforts and projects, including helping with the construction and furnishing of the Wildlife Council Building at the Bonner County Fairgrounds.


Regular annual activities include our annual Gun 'n Horn Show the first weekend in March. Family BBQ and picnic in the summer and our Holiday family potluck dinner in December.

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